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  Short term opportunities in national reform

  Moderator: the last trading day of 2016 was bland and extremely small.

  Boating: we are used to, every festival does not shock, change plate must be after the festival.
  Host: how do you expect to change after the festival.


  Boating: it’s impossible to predict.It’s ok if the cross falls.Don’t break 3000 points.There’s a gap here.It’s the main way.Once you lose, the bulls will be defeated.

  Host: how serious is the rout?
  Boating:I expect to go below 2700 and start a round of medium-term decline.It’s just a negative decline, and then it won’t collapse.But the time will be very long.For active traders, don’t worry, because there are many bull stocks on such a small platform now.Not to mention the first battle, there are two signals to seal the board.Although one is too high to meet the standard, the other has bought no meat.But there are still strong ones.That’s hope.How do you know when you don’t have a really strong one?I remember at the beginning of 2016, how many sealing signals failed, such as Wanze, Changgao and so on, and how many only had small meat?Kunji, zhongqingbao, and so on.Finally, there is a ZhongYiDa, and then there is a wave of national reform.You have to practice, otherwise you don’t know when it will appear, and you won’t be sensitive to the market.


  Compere: you mean, even if index is not good, individual stock is not willing to be lonely.
  Boating:Yes, even at the time of fusing, there are two major iron and steel companies + ZhongYiDa, besides, they won’t fuse now?If you want to make a good deal, you have to practice.If you lose more money, you will remember the pain.Don’t hurt blindly, be valuable.Why can’t those who meet the standards make money?If you practice more, you will understand.If it doesn’t meet the standard, how to practice is painful.

  Compere: last week, talk about the market.


  Boating: in 2017, the Shanghai stock index will watch 3000 points first, and if it holds, it will have a chance.If you can’t keep it, don’t worry about your position, but you have to practice!I think the short-term market opportunity is still in the process of national reform.As for new shares, they rise fast and fall faster.一旦他们倒下,他们就会崩溃。因为现在的新股没有价值,都是筹码。而几天下来,股市总是喜新厌旧。你一直在发行新股,当然不能创造一个领先的精品。所以除非这个板块的指数是稳定的,或者在反转之初,出现反转的可能性很大。否则,我们可以看看。符合标准的人可以玩,但还有钱买菜。在这里,我也祝大家在新的一年里身体健康,幸福美满,投资顺利。




  烈日:你为什么不改变主意?目前,大多数人看不清涨跌,所以我们不在乎。我们只是等待时间。这不是最好的。看看音量。很明显,这里的股票市场已经萎缩了。如果从股市崩盘后的走势来看,成交量在什么时候才能萎缩到1500亿以下,而且还会继续暴跌?First of all, if it falls, the first is to pull out space for the rise, right?Furthermore, from the perspective of quantitative energy, if we can achieve a 10 day cycle of continuous downsizing at the level of 150 billion, can we build a 10 day cycle of quantitative energy structure by further downsizing?If the cycle reaches 20 trading days, isn’t that better?So there’s so much panic.It’s just a little longer.It’s nothing.
  Compere: which angle do you think you should think about the opportunities of individual stocks in 2017?

  Scorching sun: first of all, think from a strong point of view.Because the market sentiment can not gather so fast, in this case, the market funds focus on which varieties, which varieties will have a strong structure in the short-term 20 day cycle, thus giving 2-3 operational opportunities.As for most of the varieties that don’t get too much attention from the on-site funds, it’s too difficult for you to predict that the off-site funds will suddenly intervene in them.In this way, even if you devote yourself to research, you will get twice the result with half the effort.Secondly, many people are also thinking about whether they can do the so-called oversold stocks.Here, I think that oversold stocks must be clearly divided into strong oversold stocks or weak oversold stocks.If it is the latter, then oversold stocks may fall again after oversold, because there is no capital intervention.In other words, it is troublesome to use the horizontal bar to repair the oversold after oversold, and you appear to be very passive.It is impossible to waste time and mistakes.If it’s the former, we must hold on to their overall position.If it’s a low start, after a sharp rise, it falls back to the start point again, it means that this variety must have a large amount of capital to participate in, and there will be no profit or loss.Because it’s impossible for everyone to make a profit.Even if the profit-making funds come out, do you think they will transfer this kind of individual stocks from stock selection?I don’t think so, because every stock’s short-term surge is absolutely justified.It’s not unreasonable to be recognized by most of the funds in the market.So these varieties start at the right place and just fall back to the origin.There is a great probability that many previously optimistic funds will move again.Think carefully, that’s the opportunity for these stocks.



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